Blue's Moon

 Our Wedding
May 2007

Well, here you are! As you can see, I have a completely new design for my website - I'm quite proud of it, as the graphics are all mouse-drawn by me. :) Oh, and I'm also completely handcoding as well O.O *gasp*

There have been loads of changes to my life since my last design - but many things are the same.
Here: the other pages associated with this site - stuff about me and my interests.
There: other websites I've had something to do with - right now you'll find the website dedicated to my wedding to my best friend and soulmate, Peter.
Everywhere: where you will find links to the pages of not only the love of my life, but to people I consider friends (or just plain bizarre - figure out which category you fit in to!) or other websites of interest. Of course, Helen has like 10 websites, if you count her journals and deviantART websites :P Helen, let me know which one you want me to link to :P

Also, I can kill you with my brain.


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